The Studio – Dj Phill Archer – Fractal Fill – Psy Trance Productions

Dj Phill Archer Studio Fractal Fill Psy Trance Productions

Dj Setup
2 x Technic’s 1210 SL Mk2 +/- 16%
Parkard Bell TK85 i5 4gb 500gb Laptop – Windows 7 x64
Behringer DDM 4000 Digital Pro Mixer
2 x N.I. Kontrol X1 Control Surface
ADK – Perception 120 – Condenser Microphone
N.I. Dj 8 Audio Interface SoundCard
N.I. Traktor Scratch Pro + Time code Vinyl + Time code Cd’s
1 x Sony MDR V700Dj Headphones
1 x Hurcules MP3 E3 Dj Control Surface

Music Production
1 x Intel Dual Core 2 E8400 Pc – 500Gb HDD – 4gb Ram – Windows 7 – x64
Steinberg Ci2 Sound Card
Steinberg Houston Mission Control
UAD 1 DSP Card + Plugins
Korg Nano Kontroller
22″ Acer Lcd Monitor / 19″ Acer Lcd Monitor
Key Ring Midi Keyboard
Roland Mc 303 Groove box Synth
Novation Bass Station
Korg Kaos Pad
Cubase 6
N.I. Komplete 7
Shed full of VSti Plugins

Novation Bass Station l

Novation Bass Station l

Wish List
Access Virus Ti2 Desktop
Korg Kaoss Pad PK3

Roland mc303 Groovebox

Roland mc303 Groovebox




Technic’s 1210 SL Mk2
Well start out with Technic’s 1210 SL Mk2.. Which i still have, not much has change since they were designed in late 70’s for me still a finest even perfect turntables design, Long recognized by the world’s DJs as the best club-use turntable, the famous SL-1210 series is without a rival – Type: Quartz direct drive – Manual turntable – Drive method + Motor: Direct drive + Brushless DC motor – Starting torque: 1.5 kg-cm (1.3 lb-in)



The Behringer DDM 4000
Just Retired my old Mixer Intimadation Dom ll it is 15 years old and seen plenty of battle action and show a few scares from being Dj’d.
Purchased an new Hybrid mixer from Behringer a German company,

The Behringer DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 32-bit digital DJ mixer, jam-packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout will let you feel at home in an instant. Editing, storing and recalling your settings is simply a breeze!

Hook up your turntables and CD/MP3 players to its 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and Kill switches. Put ultimate versatility at your fingertips with fully programmable beat-sync’able multi-FX modules, a pair of high-precision BPM counters and a digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment. And the super-cool BPM-sync’d sampler with real-time pitch control, loop and reverse functions will make your crowd go wild.
I must agree with the P.R. guff becuase it may well be a direct competitor to the Pioneer DM range of Pro club mixers, when you use it it feel well made and stable they sound quality is amazing and it fully pack with all the goodies.

Digital Mixers & Mixing

Well starting as a Vinyl junkie i always tried to fight the future towards digi formats.
But progress can not be stopped and cutting my teeth on vinyl for many years i feel i am old as a Dj, But moving forward to a modern Digital media formats is a natural and intellgent move, i am tired of saying back in my day with were real dj’s, yeah it is easy with Cd’s and mixer doing the work of syncing etc. blah blah blah.

But i have taken my craft to a new different level, starting with using modern digital DJ systems like Ni Traktor Scratch Pro and a control surface like the Hercules Mp3 dj E2 mixer to control traktor or the New NI Kontrol X1

You can Dj and remix and sample on the fly… create impressive Dj sets using effects and loops smaples 4 deck mixing also maintain the feel with Vinyl timecode disc to control you Mp3’s , and for me this feel and sounds great, taking you performaces to a new level so i have embraced they new form of mixing hole heartedly. so i purchased a Hercules MP3 Dj E2 usb digital mixer to control traktor only.

Sound Cards

N.I Dj Audio 8

Digital mixing sound quality is outstanding, but like anything buying right equipment, is important, if you buy the Full Traktor Scratch Pro Package you get the NI Audio 8 Dj with gives you the ability to time code and mix 4 channels plus record with traktor.

Before i got buy Ni Audio 8 i played around with a pair of Emu-0404 Pro DSP sounds cards they worked well but i go crackling and popping with latency issues and windows does not work well with 2 sounds cards you have to install ASIO4ALL to map the audio channels so Traktpr an assign them.

N.I. Traktor scratch Pro

ni_traktor_scratch_po_2.5_screenshot Traktor scratch pro is the professional dj system allowing you to spin your digital track collection on vinyl or cd turntables. It comprises of intuitive software, special ‘timecoded’ vinyl control records and cds, two professional multi-core connection cables, and audio 8 dj interface built for djs. At the heart of traktor scratch comes the audio 8 dj interface with 24bit / 96 khz sound quality and cirrus logic a/d and d/a converters to offer you truly professional sound.

4 hi-gain stereo outputs mean you have the potential for 2 main decks routed from the traktor software, plus two extra stereo outputs fed by traktor scratch’s send effects. Built on a metal chassis and wrapped in a robust and compact design the audio 8 dj interface is made to last the traumas of a travelling dj.. Each timecode signal is pressed onto 120g vinyl, with each disc containing one side with 17 minutes of timecode, plus a flip side with deeper cut grooves for turntablists and scratch djs.

A special ‘track’ allows you to scroll through your collection and select your next tune using only the turntable- with no need to touch your computer.
The audio 8 dj also features led’s indicating the status of every connection giving you a quick visual display of any problems with your connections.
Basing the software on the traktor 3.0 engine means pure reliability out of the box with a tried and tested design. The software has been tweaked from the traktor 3 software in order to offer the best performance to vinyl and cd djs.

Keeping in with the traktor tradition traktor scratch offers lots of innovative and new features in order to give the dj full flexibility and new techniques. With the ability of reading i-tunes playlists set up is made easy and keeping your tunes organised is kept as simple as possible.

Automatic recognition of timecode medium means that the system recognises what part of the record you are playing with and sets up the system for you. This feature also saves valuable mixing time, as you do not need to set the volume on the mixer depending on the track you are playing. Imported straight off traktor 3.0 comes great features such as key correction, zoomable waveforms letting you decide how much information is on the screen and instant looping.

Probably the most exciting transfer has been the effects section offering effects such as reverb, tempo-synced delay, flanger and beatmasher but also the filter effect based on the world renowned allen and heath xone 92 filter. Every element is master crafted by the native instruments team in Berlin, Germany. The result of all this effort is a perfect fusion of analog confidence and feel with the freedom and potential of digital.