N.I. Traktor Scratch Pro DVS Timecode



Provides for the ultimate experience in DJ software. Boasting a variety of fully modular and customizable interface settings, an impressive set of mastering and recording tools and some of the most accurate and easy-to-use loop and beat-matching tools available, TRAKTOR Pro makes a very convincing argument for itself. Best of all, TRAKTOR Pro is fully compatible with iTunes and most file formats, even allowing for the direct import of files from an iPod or other personal audio or data storage device.Design Features:   TRAKTOR Pro stands out for its ability to integrate advanced effects and options into a simple, user-friendly format. Much of the estimation and guesswork that goes into properly mixing tracks is eased with measured beat points displayed continuously in a dynamic beat visualizer. Loops and effects are synchronized to execute in coordination with timing of the track at play.waveformsTRAKTOR Pro provides for simple and comprehensive importing and exporting, easily using and converting files of various formats, while sidestepping many of the time-consuming paths that most DJ Software programs require for reformatting and importing. Best of all, TRAKTOR is fully compatible and easily-integrated with iTunes and even offers full integration with BEATPORT.com, wherein new tracks can be purchased and downloaded directly to TRAKTOR Pro.TRAKTOR Pro offers full support for multiple MIDI controllers and advanced MIDI assignments for optional line-in control by CD, vinyl or MP3 decks.TRAKTOR Pro also features automatic gain control, high quality, independent tempo and key correction, providing for seamless mixes between tracks that would otherwise require a great deal of manual adjusting.


TRAKTOR Pro is fully compatible with most audio file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM WMA and AAC. Best of all, TRAKTOR Pro can be integrated with any iTunes library for direct importation, while offering full integration with BEATPORT.com, wherein tracks can be previewed, purchased and downloaded directly to the TRAKTOR library.TRAKTOR Pro features a patented, non-destructive Native Mix File technology, which allows for the seamless recording, editing and exporting of DJ sets. Best of all, TRAKTOR Pro includes a “preferences” menu key, which allows for customized output settings.


TRAKTOR Pro stands head-and-shoulders above most DJ software programs in terms of performance, providing a cornucopia of tools and optional adjustments to best suit individual tracks and their performance setting. Best of all, playlists and libraries are conveniently located for quick and easy access, with playlist histories also being stored for reference.TRAKTOR Pro truly shines in its composition tools and features.

While most DJ software programs include beat-matching and looping tools, few rival the accuracy and fidelity of TRAKTOR Pro, which provides for flawless improvisation and customization.TRAKTOR Pro also offers additional function as a line-in for various MIDI devices, such as MP3, vinyl and CD decks, as well as additional timekeeping and loop making devices.


TRAKTOR Pro offers a tutorial DVD for purchase. The program itself includes a help menu with open manual and links to the TRAKTOR service center and Native Instruments website. While the DVD would be useful to most users, the program is very intuitive, with most keys providing a comprehendible function definition.Native Instruments also hosts a user forum and technical oriented community for troubleshooting strategies, composition ideas etc. for TRAKTOR Pro. If further assistance is needed, contact can be made by email.


TRAKTOR Pro stands out as the most intuitive DJ Software program available, integrating advanced controls and tools into a simple, user-friendly interface. And with additional line-in MP3, vinyl and CD deck functions, TRAKTOR Pro provides for DJ use wherever, whenever or however you want it to. Best of all, Native Instruments is continually improving its program design and expanding TRAKTOR Pro’s capabilities, insuring that TRAKTOR Pro will remain atop the DJ Software heap for a long time to come.

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