Definition of Minimal Psy

Minimal Psy

Also known as: Minimal, Deep Psychedelic, Zenonesque

BPM range: 130 – 135

Although this subgenre might be formally called Progressive, it’s typically slower, deeper and less melodic than the Progressive Psy we know today. Tracks of this subgenre builds-up slowly, allowing artists to focus more on things like reverb tails, delay effects, little percussion tricks, and other subtle details.

Note: probably, Dark Progressive aka Zenonesque and Psygressive will be separated is the future version of this guide. Please read more in the blog. Beat Bizarre — Blown To Smithereens (Original Mix)Son Kite — Eye See You (Original Mix)Subliminal Codes — In the Now (Original Mix)Dreamstalker — 25 Changes (Original Mix)