Behringer DDM 4000 TSI Mapping

Traktor Timecode DVS Logo

Traktor Scratch Pro – ( 2 Timecode Decks + 2 Digital Sync Decks / CD / Vinyl + External Audio Mixer & Midi Control Mode)

Traktor Pro Full Internal Control – ( 2 deck full control with FX, Cues, Navigation, Loops etc using Traktors internal mixer )

2 Deck DVS with Extra Traktor Control(For Traktor Scratch Vinyl/CD users routing two channels into the DDM4000 and using the rest of the mixers controls for extra midi creativity such as Traktor FX, loops and navigation etc)

Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch

Stanton ScS 3d Scratch –  A – DVS Complimentary Controls(perfect for Traktor Scratch Pro Vinyl/CD users who need clever controls for FX, Cues, Loops, Navigation etc)

 Novation Remote Zero SL

A – DVS Complimentary Controls (perfect for Traktor Scratch Pro Vinyl/CD users who need extra controls for FX, Cue, Loops & Browser Navigation
Novation Remote Zero SL & Traktor Scratch Pro DVS Compliment Control Maps

B – 4 Synchronised Decks with Internal Mixer (For Traktor Pro users wanting to sync, loop and blend 4 internal decks creatively)
Novation Remore Zero SL & Traktor Pro Internal 4 Deck Sync Control Maps